Real Life Finds the Shot

Today I was at a wedding and while I did get some nice shots of the bride and groom they were not even close to being the most interesting couple there. Witness the story unfold as it did before me.

Boy Sees Girl Across a Crowded Room







Girls Sees Boy Seeing Her







Realizing he has been caught, boy flees to Mommy because girls are gross.




Her hopes dashed, girl flees to her Mommy because boys are mean! Also, they have cooties.




Boy tries to distract himself with New Girl. It does not work because New Girl is not The One!





Their Moment!

A.K.A. I got a crappy angle because I was too busy fighting back the reflexive “Awwww!” noise my face was trying to make.




I demand the parents of these children convince them to marry! Or, you know, something else that is not crazy.

Anyway, here are a couple other shots which do not have epic romance attached to them, but which I think are well composed.


2 responses to “Real Life Finds the Shot

  1. You knocked the peacock feathers out of the park! The only way it could be better is if they were real flowers and not fake ones. But you can’t control that. But seriously out of the park.

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