My Day At The Zoo Photo Safari

Because again, other people might call it walkin’ around takin’ pictures of stuff but we’re special.


I don’t particularly like zoos. They kind of make me feel a little bad. The bottom line of the visit is me watching a group of animals in a cage.





They don’t seem to enjoy it that much either.





This is Peaches. She’s a pretty girl. I know this because she told me multiple times

Then she started saying things that sounded remarkably like the demon voice in The Exorcist and I felt that it was best to find something else to take a picture of right then.



I’m sorry Sad Lion Cub! I would come play with you if I could. Except not, because death.






This is possibly the best shot of the day. He’s not a zoo animal, just a squirrel hanging out.







The last time we were there I took 40 shots of the tigers and managed zero  good ones. This time he was asleep.




This is the most active damn tortoise I’ve ever seen.




This is me playing with the color accent function again. I realize that the whole point of parrots is the many colors but for some reason I find this visually compelling.





Otter! This gentleman was standing at full height, scratching at the bars. He wanted his dinner.




2 responses to “My Day At The Zoo Photo Safari

  1. We both took shots of the lion and the lemur, and we were both in very similar positions. What I really think that this shows is how differently see the world. We both captured longing in the lion’s face. But I cropped it in closer and minimized the bars, and I was expressing how I imagined the lion felt. You expressed very clearly how the bars and the cage made you feel. Same with the Lemur.
    I love the shot of Peaches, the pretty bird. It’s really well done.
    The color accent of the parrot is also amazing. I imagined it differently when you described it. and I wasn’t sure how it would work. But the textures in the shot really pull it together.
    These are good. They are simply – good. Not “good for a new photographer”, or “good for a hobbyist”. Just good.

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